Family History Research

Every family is unique, that is why I offer a bespoke family history research service. You may need your family history researched from scratch, or maybe you have hit a brickwall and just need some help. Another option is a guided research project where I guide you through the research; enabling you to carry out the research yourself with help at each step. Whatever your requirements are, and whichever approach you prefer, I will be able to help you.


House History

Have you always wanted to know the history of your house or maybe a family home or an ancestors shop or premises ? A detailed research report will tell you the story of the property and its inhabitants. Depending on the age of the property, 19th and 20th century records will be used to locate images, historical maps, census returns and property documents. You will be able to see the origins of the property, how it has changed over time and who the inhabitants were.


Living Relatives & Friends Research

People have many reasons for wanting to locate living relatives and friends: whether it be a friend you have lost touch with, a family member or work colleague who has relocated, or an adoption enquiry. Regardless of where in the world you believe they may be, I can help with your quest.

Three generations of women